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Best Styles of beachwear for men

When it comes to beachwear for men, there are various styles to choose from, including bikinis, thongs, G-strings, Speedos, and micro shorts. The best choice depends on personal preferences, comfort level, and the occasion. Here's a brief overview of each style:

  1. Bikinis:

    • Bikinis are a popular choice for men who want a balance between coverage and style.
    • They offer more fabric than thongs or G-strings but are still more revealing than traditional swim trunks.
    • Suitable for those who want a modern and fashionable look without being too daring.
  2. Thongs and G-strings:

    • Thongs and G-strings are more revealing and designed for men who are confident and comfortable with minimal coverage.
    • They are ideal for sunbathing and avoiding tan lines.
    • Best suited for private or adult-oriented beaches and pool areas.
  3. Speedos:

    • Speedos are tight-fitting, brief-style swimwear that provides minimal coverage.
    • Commonly worn by competitive swimmers, they have become popular for recreational beachgoers as well.
    • A classic and timeless choice that offers a sleek and athletic look.
  4. Micro Shorts:

    • Micro shorts are a more modest option compared to thongs or G-strings.
    • They offer a shorter inseam than traditional swim trunks, providing a more modern and trendy appearance.
    • Suitable for those who want a compromise between traditional and more revealing styles.

​Board Shorts:

Board shorts are a popular and versatile option for men's beachwear.
They typically have a longer length, reaching to the knee or below, providing more coverage.
Ideal for various water activities such as surfing, beach volleyball, or casual walks along the shore.
Available in a wide range of colors and patterns to suit different preferences.

Swim Trunks:

Swim trunks are a classic and widely accepted choice for men at the beach.
They come in various lengths, from short to mid-thigh, providing options for different comfort levels.
Perfect for those who prefer a more traditional look while still enjoying the benefits of swim-specific materials.

Rash Guards:

Rash guards are not just for surfers; they can be a practical addition to your beach ensemble.
Designed to protect the skin from irritation caused by friction, sand, and the sun's harmful rays.
Available in short or long sleeves, and they can be paired with various bottoms, including board shorts or swim trunks.


Don't forget to accessorize your beach look with items like sunglasses, a stylish hat, and comfortable sandals or flip-flops.
A beach tote or waterproof pouch for your essentials like sunscreen, phone, and keys can also complement your outfit.

There are more daring options available, including micro bikinis and sheer bikinis. These styles are designed for those who want to make a bold statement and embrace a more provocative look. Here's a closer look at these styles:

Micro Bikinis:

Micro bikinis are extremely skimpy swimwear with minimal coverage, featuring narrow strings and tiny pieces of fabric.
They provide a daring and provocative look, leaving very little to the imagination.
Common variations include micro thong bikinis or micro string bikinis.
Micro bikinis are typically chosen by individuals who are confident and comfortable with their body and want to showcase it in a bold way.

Sheer Bikinis:

Sheer bikinis incorporate transparent or semi-transparent fabrics, adding an extra level of sexiness to the traditional bikini style.
These bikinis may feature mesh, lace, or sheer materials, offering a provocative and alluring appearance.
Sheer bikinis come in various styles, including sheer tops, bottoms, or both, depending on how bold you want to go.
It's important to be aware of local regulations and etiquette, as sheer swimwear may not be appropriate for all beach or pool environments.

Thong Bikinis:

Thong bikinis combine the minimal coverage of thongs with the style of traditional bikinis.
They feature a narrow strip of fabric at the back, leaving the buttocks exposed, and are often paired with a traditional bikini top.
Thong bikinis provide a compromise between the revealing nature of micro bikinis and the more standard bikini styles.

Bold Patterns and Colors:

Regardless of the specific style, incorporating bold patterns, vibrant colors, or unique prints can add an extra element of style and confidence to your beachwear.
Animal prints, neon colors, or geometric patterns are popular choices for those who want to stand out.

The popularity of thong beachwear for men can vary across regions and is often influenced by cultural norms, local attitudes, and individual preferences. As of my knowledge cutoff in January 2022, thong beachwear for men has generally been less common in the United States compared to some European countries. Here are some observations:

United States:

In the United States, more conservative swimwear styles, such as board shorts and traditional swim trunks, have traditionally been popular.
However, attitudes are diverse, and in certain beach destinations or specific communities, you may find individuals confidently wearing thong-style swimwear.


In parts of Europe, especially in beach destinations around the Mediterranean, thong beachwear for men has been more widely accepted.
Countries like Spain, Italy, and France, for example, have a more liberal attitude towards swimwear, and thongs may be more common on their beaches.

It's important to note that trends can evolve, and social attitudes toward swimwear may change over time. Local customs and regulations also play a role, as some beaches may have specific dress codes or rules regarding the type of swimwear allowed.

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Evolution of Beachwear for Men

Beachwear for men has been fairly traditional for the most part and has failed to be exciting in many ways.  On the other hand, there were guys all around the world that wanted to change things up a bit and create something that had never been seen in the past. If you take a look at some of the swimwear that we have these days, you will see that those changes have made a profound statement. Most guys are not interested in wearing beachwear for men that are traditional in nature looking more towards the sexy designs that the handful of guys started creating a few decades ago. Now you may not agree with the designs that you are seeing on the beaches these days, but you have to admit that things have been changed quite a bit. The original designers that wanted a bit of spice put into the world have definitely got what they wanted. You can't go to any beach anywhere without seeing some really great designs that you never would have imagined to ever exist not too long ago.

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