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Bikini beachwear for men
Beachwear for men
beach wear for men

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We are all about beachwear. Stick me in a sexy little bikini and I am happy as can be. My partner here is David and his favorite beachwear for men are all thongs, he has an awesome collection. My collection of swimwear designs is a mix of bikinis in all shapes and sizes though I tend to skew to the super micro styles. I have thongs and G-strings too. I have been adding a lot of the new micro short designs as of late. If the surf is big it helps to wear a little more fabric, there is much less chance of a big wave stealing your swimsuit. We have all seen that happen to girls wearing tiny little swimsuits but as men have moved to the trend of smaller sexier swimwear you are seeing that happen to them too. I have lost my bikini bottoms a few times in big waves and standing there naked trying to find your swimsuit is a little embarrassing. For that reason I wear the micro shorts when the waves get really big. They stay on better but are still very sexy, the suits I wear always show some cheek, similar to the Daisy Duke Style shorts girls wear. These micro shorts make great cover ups for my bikini and thongs while walking to the beach from my car. Beachwear for men is part of our lifestyle here in Southern California and David and I are happy to share it with you.


About Us

Beachwear for men
  1. Choosing the Right Beachwear for Men Design

    There are a lot of options for beachwear for men out there and trying to find the right one for your needs might seem a bit daunting at first. The thing you have to understand is that it is better to take the time and find the perfect match for you rather than jumping on the first one you see. If you do buy the first one you use then you might end up not liking it all that much after you wear it for the first time. What might have looked good online could end up fitting you in an unflattering manner and that is never a good thing. You need to focus on the type of beachwear for men that will help you look your absolute best while you are out in the sun and that means taking a bit of time to search out the designs that awaken your soul. You will know when you find that perfect design because it will speak to you on an emotional level and that will be the one you want to buy.

Sheer femme style male to female transformation beachwear for men.